• Proposed 20mph for St Dogmaels village

    Update from Pembrokeshire County Council on proposals to introduce a 20mph limit within the boundaries of St Dogmaels village.

    From Pembrokeshire County Council Highways Department – Highways Officer

    Looking back on my preliminary draft plans for the village I had contained the extent of the limit to the area for which PCC

    ·        Has supporting speed data to illustrate that without traffic calming a 20mph would be supported by motorist ie Vehicle speeds at each of the monitored speeds were below 24mph.

    ·        Has the jurisdiction to set the limits as the Highway Authority on County roads with Pembrokeshire

    Each Highway Authority has their own priorities in term of budgets and schemes and it is not for PCC to determine Ceredigion’s. In addition each Authority has its own internal procedural requirements for example approval by Cabinet etc and fitting in with the calendar of meetings.   

    I have made some preliminary enquiries with Chris Wilson at Ceredigion who has confirmed that Ceredigion will be reviewing the speed limit on the B4546 in preparation for the April 2023 new default 20mph arrangements. Within our Highway Authority’s area of responsibility, PCC has benefited from the recent comprehensive review of the speed limits within the past couple of years and are in a position to move forward more rapidly rather than awaiting the default roll out of 20mph’s in April 2023.

    In addition we have received confirmation this week that an application made to Welsh Government for inclusion in the 20mph Pilot Project for St Dogmaels has been successful.

    The aim of the project is to make an early start on the development and refinement of the various processes needed to implement wide-area 20mph limits, and to capture and collate a comprehensive data set to evaluate the impacts of the 20mph nationwide programme. The project will last for 5 years and there are a number of benefits for both WG, St Dogmaels & PCC

    Including: ·        Assist TfW with the design, implementation & monitor the effectiveness of different 20mph features (eg gateways) – Funding of two Gateway features have been included in our application ·        Cost the design and implementation of any necessary signing schemes. (TfW can assist if required).
    ·        Drafting and the processing of any necessary TROs to implement the 20 mph speed limits. (TfW can assist if required).
    ·        Help to trial communication and awareness campaigns with local communities using different media that could be developed for a future national campaign.
    ·        Consult with communities on measures (other than traditional traffic calming) to make safer streets and encourage Active Travel, Placemaking, and/or link with the WG Transforming Town initiative to help economic regeneration.
    ·        Assist TfW to work with Police/Go Safe to trial 20 mph enforcement. ·        Within the application we have also included the purchase and installation of two new driver feedback signs with the capabilities of recording speed data, something which would not have been possible through the normal traffic management budget.

    ·          In addition funding for annual speed surveys at each of the 7 sites previously monitored.

    ·          Annual consultation exercise with the Community.

    Officers have a meeting on the 10thFeb with Welsh Government and will be able to provide a further update in due course. Although a draft plan has been drawn up, I am reluctant to circulate at this time for consultation until the extent of the limits have been fully determined on site. We are currently being advised to only undertake site visits if there are considered essential. In the light of the recent award from WG and forthcoming meeting the finalising of the plans are not considered essential and will be undertaken at the first opportunity when the current travel restrictions are relaxed.     

    Kind regards

    Clare Williams

    Traffic & Road Safety Engineering Officer/Swyddog Peirianneg Traffig a Diogelwch ar y Ffyrdd

    Pembrokeshire County Council  / Cyngor Sir Penfro