• Temporary Closure of Pilot Street from 4.3.19

    Temporary Closure of Pilot Street from 4.3.19

    St Dogmaels Community Council, Highways Committee

    Background to works

    Issue in Pilot Street is replacement of poles adjacent the retaining wall.

    Western Power Distribution undertook a structural survey early in 2018 which confirmed that works could not take place adjacent the wall.

    Involving Pembs CC and CC M James in early 2018 it was agreed that power lines and BT services should be run underground on the opposite side of the road to the wall (one location only wiring to run up wall – wall stable at this location).

    WP has negotiated with landowners to put permanent poles at Green Meadow and at the Chapel to enable the cabling to then be taken underground along Pilot Street. Temporary pole will be erected at the Chapel to assist with works on site.

    Pembrokeshire County Council has made provision for the reinstatement of street lighting.

    Period of Works – Starting 4.3.19

    During the works period it is expected that the road will be closed from 7.30 am to between 7 /7.30pm, 7 days per week. The works are expected to take 14 to 15 days given that no unexpected issues come to light.

    The road should be open daily, to all traffic, between 7 / 7.30pm and 7am throughout the work period.

    • Access for emergency vehicles and RNLI will be maintained throughout the works period
    • WP will provide a vehicle to ferry carers/visiting medical staff through the works and to their calls in the lower village and Poppit. Parking will be available for carers/visiting medical staff own vehicle whilst call is being made.
    • Pedestrian access (to include wheelchairs and buggies etc) will be maintained through the works period. Assistance, if required, will be available through contact with Mr Paul Jones (see contacted details below).

    Diversion route

    The only logical diversion is the route identified in the PCC order (see attached).

    Pembs CC will increase the visits of Parking Enforcement Officers to ensure that the route is kept clear. They will address parking on double yellow lines and parking by junctions etc. Local policing team is also aware.

    Bus companies have been informed of the diversion route.

    Schools should be informing parents of any alteration to bus times to take account of the diversion route.

    Road closed signs (during working hours) will be placed such as to prevent diverted traffic from entering Feidr Fawr and the top end of Pilot Street other than for access to properties, school, Hall etc between the High Street and the works on Pilot Street. Signs will be placed at Poppit indicating ‘road closed in xx miles’.

    During working hours there will be no access through the working area, other than for emergency services, escorted carers, escorted medical staff, pedestrians.

    Other access to or through the working area may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Mr Paul Jones of WP should be contacted to discuss further (see contact details below).


    Extensive consultation with Pembs County Council, residents in the areas affected, local businesses, bus services etc has taken place.

    Further queries should be directed to Mr Paul Jones – see contact details below.

    Consultation has addressed parking concerns for residents in Pilot Street.

    Residents have been made aware that WP will require access to the Green Meadow site at all times during working hours and residents should not obstruct this access.


    WP is aware that the area has springs rising in it and will take this into account during the works and reinstatement.

    Pembs CC will install monitoring equipment, during the works, to monitor the stability of the retaining walls. This will follow a structure survey by PCC team prior to start of works.

    Members of the public should remain outside of the work area, defined by barriers, at all times. In the event of an on site query Mr Paul Jones should be contacted (see contact details below).


    Residents should note that all parking restrictions will continue to be enforced, even within the road closure area. Anyone parking on double yellow lines may be ticketed.

    Western Power Distribution Contact

    All enquires prior to and during the works should be directed to:

    Mr Paul Jones

    Phone – 07970298270

    Email – Pajones1@westernpower.co.uk




    Rhoddir RHYBUDD trwy hyn bod Cyngor Sir Penfro yn bwriadu, dim llai na saith diwrnod o ddyddiad y Rhybudd hwn, gwneud Gorchymyn yn unol ag Adran 14 o Ddeddf Rheoleiddio Traffig Ffyrdd  1984 fel y diwygiwyd hi gan Ddeddf Traffig Ffyrdd (Cyfyngiadau Dros Dro) 1991.

    Mae angen y Gorchymyn er mwyn cynnal gwaith yn ymwneud â cheblau gwasanaethu.

    Effaith y Gorchymyn fydd gwahardd dros dro pob traffig cerbydol, heblaw cerbydau sydd wedi eu heithrio, rhag mynd ar hyd y rhan hwnn o Pilot Street, Llandudoch, o’i chyffordd â’r fynedfa at Parc Noi, i gyfeiriad y gogledd at ei chyffordd â Riverhill Cottages.

    Y ffordd amgen ar gyfer traffig fydd ar hyd y Stryd Fawr, Tan-y-Rhiw, C3144 i gyfeiriad Waunwhiod, ffyrdd C3139, C3029 a C3109 sy’n arwain at Draeth Poppit, Finch Street (B4546) a Pilot Street.

    Bydd mynediad i gerddwyr yn parhau i fod ar gael trwy gydol y cyfnod cau’r ffordd.

    Y bwriad yw y bydd y cyfyngiadau, ag arwyddion yn cyfateb iddynt, yn dod i rym ar ddydd Llun 4ydd Mawrth 2019 ac yn parhau i fod yn ddilys am gyfnod o oddeutu 15 diwrnod.

    Bydd y Gorchymyn yn parhau i fod yn ddilys am gyfnod o 12 mis rhag ofn y byddai angen aildrefnu’r gwaith neu angen gwaith arall o ganlyniad i amgylchiadau annisgwyl.

    Dyddiedig y 12 dydd hwn o fis Chwefror 2019

    Darren Thomas

    Pennaeth Seilwaith

    Cyngor Sir Penfro

    Neuadd y Sir




    NOTICE is hereby given that Pembrokeshire County Council intend, not less than seven days from the date of this Notice, to make an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991.

    The proposed Order is necessary so that utility cabling works can be carried out.

    The effect of the Order will be to temporarily prohibit all vehicular traffic other than exempted vehicles from proceeding along that section of Pilot Street, St Dogmaels, from its junction with the access to Parc Noi, north to its junction with Riverhill Cottages.

    The alternative route for traffic will be via High Street, Tan-y-Rhiw, C3144 towards Waunwhiod, C3139, C3029 and C3109 roads leading towards Poppit Sands, Finch Street (B4546) and Pilot Street.

    Pedestrian access will be maintained for the duration of the closure.

    It is intended that the restrictions, which will be signed accordingly, will come into effect on Monday 4th March 2019 and remain in force for approximately 15 days.

    The Order will remain valid for a maximum period of 12 months as a contingency should the works need to be rescheduled or in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

    Dated this 12th day of February 2019

    Darren Thomas

    Head of Infrastructure

    Pembrokeshire County Council

    County Hall