• Village Projects

    Grwp Llwbr Poppit

    Grwp Llwybr Poppit Path Group was originally a community focus group. Recently it has constituted and continued the campaign work that has been undertaken

    The St Dogmaels to Poppit Path will provide a key, accessible link for pedestrians and cyclists and between the village and the beach. Currently there is no path and the route is highly dangerous to walk or cycle along.

    St Dogmaels Community Council fully supports the establishing of an off road route to Poppit, however, the Council also respects the rights and views of the landowners concerned.
    Website:  Grwp Llwybr Poppit Path Group           Grwp Llwybr Poppit Path Group Facebook Page

    The People’s Orchard

    The People’s Orchard is a three year environmental enhancement project for the ward of St. Dogmaels.

    Its aim is to create a series of bio-diverse ecosystems throughout the area to encourage a pollinator friendly environment.

    • In tandem with the extensive planting programme of fruit trees and wild flower meadows will be an educational programme aimed at all age ranges across a broad range of skills.
    • We will tackle invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed
    • We will work with our Orchardist to maintain and improve existing orchards.
    • Each “eco-system” will be monitored scientifically from the outset to assess any improvement in biodiversity.

    Website: The People’s Orchard         The People’s Orchard Facebook Page