• Alexandra Gardens

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    Alexandra Gardens is owned and managed by St Dogmaels Community Council. The Council welcomes applications to hold events in Alexandra Gardens, however the Gardens are designated as ‘village green’ and as such receive considerable statutory protection (see below).

    This means that whilst events may be held on the green, with the written permission of the Community Council, no charge for access to these events may be made and the events must be open to all.

    Access restrictions to limited areas of the village green, for Health and Safety reasons, during an event, are permissible. Any proposals to restrict access to parts of the green, during an event, should be discussed with the Clerk to the Council.

    Event organisers will be expected to have their own appropriate event insurance and provide the Community Council with a written risk assessment. Evidence of appropriate event insurance and the written risk assessment may be required to be submitted to the Council’s own insurers prior to permission being given.

    Event organisers should note that no electricity supply is available in Alexandra Gardens.

    Event organisers should note that the car park, in front of the Teifi Netpool Inn, is owned by Pembrokeshire County Council

    For further information please contact the Clerk to the Community Council.

    Statutory Protection of Village Greens

    Section 12 of the Inclosure Act 1857 makes it a criminal offence to:

    • wilfully cause injury or damage to any fence on a green;
    • wilfully take any cattle or other animals onto a green without lawful authority;
    • wilfully lay any manure, soil, ashes, rubbish or other material on a green;
    • undertake any act which causes injury to the green (e.g. digging turf); or
    • undertake any act which interrupts the use or enjoyment of a green as a place of  exercise and recreation (e.g. fencing a green so as to prevent access).

    Section 29 of the Commons Act 1876 makes it a public nuisance to:

    • encroach on a green (e.g. extending the boundary of an abutting property so as  to exclude people from that area);
    • inclose a green (i.e. by fencing it in, whether or not the effect is to exclude public access);
    • erect any structure other than for the purpose of the better enjoyment of the green; or
    • disturb, occupy or interfere with the soil of the green other than for the purpose of the better enjoyment of that green.

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