• Your Councillors and Clerk


    Mrs Sue Davies, Dworek, Sarnau, Llandysul SA44 6PX

    Tel: 01239 652 997  E-mail: stdogmaelscc@outlook.com   Web: http://stdogmaels.org/

    Councillors/Cynghorwyr 2019

    Fraser Coates 01239 615 954 Chairman/Cadeirydd
    Phil Hutchings 01239 614 064 Vice-chairman/Gadeirydd
      Casual Vacancy
    Richard Davies 07923417623  
    Jo Hutchings 01239 614 064
    Mike Kendall 07968625906  
    Jonathan Martin 01239 621 434  
    Elfyn Rees 01239 621345  
      Casual Vacancy
    Melrose Thomas 01239 615 196  
    Gill Wislocka 01239 613 031  
    Casual Vacancy    

    Election to Committees (May 2019)

      Chair Councillors
    Highways Cllr E
    J Martin, J Hutchings, M Kendall, P Hutchings, J Hutchings, G Wislocka, M Thomas, R Davies, CC M James
    Playground   Dissolved all duties taken on by Full Council
    Flooding and Flood Impact Cllr F
    J Martin, P Hutchings, M Kendall, G Wislocka, CC M James

    Election to Working Parties (May 2019)

    Village housing (dormant)   Cllrs J Martin, CC M James, P Hutchings
      Cllrs G Wislocka, P Hutchings, F Coates, CC M James
    Landslip   Cllrs J Martin, J Hutchings,
    G Wislocka, F Coates, CC M James, Clerk
      Cllrs P Hutchings, J Hutchings, E Rees,
    J Martin, M Kendall, CC M James, Clerk

    Appointments to Other Bodies on Behalf of Community Council

    Cllr E Rees School Governor, One Voice Wales
    Cllr F
    Teifi Fairways Committee, Strong Roots, Over 50s, Cardigan Hospital League of Friends

     Association with Other Bodies Noted for Ease of Community Council Liaison

    Cllr J Martin Twinning Assoc, Trustee Hall, Cymdeithas
    Cllr M Thomas Eisteddfod, Trustee Coach House, Hall,
    Hanes Llandoch
    Cllr G Wislocka Cymdeithas Llandudoch, St Dogmaels Footpaths
    Cllr F Coates Good Neighbours, Church Warden

    Cllrs may request to join Committees during the year. No Committee may be made of up all serving Cllrs

    Count Cllr Mike James 01239

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